Criminal Law is like no other law.  Criminal Defense is like no other legal defense. The Criminal Defense Attorney is like no other lawyer. This is because the full power of the government will be used against you to gain a conviction.  In the United States, guilty and innocent are convicted every day. 

A criminal case goes through six basic phases: arrest, investigation, negotiation, law and motion, trial, and appeal.  The accused right’s must be protected at every phase. Each phase is critical to the interests of the accused and, handled properly, success in any phase can end the nightmare of being unjustly charged with a crime or being forced to pay a price for your mistake that is far too great.

It is crucial that when accused of a serious crime, you team up with a Criminal Defense Attorney who possesses essential characteristics, including broad real-world experience, useful intelligence, actual compassion, excellent communication skill, keen wisdom, and the passion and willingness to fight aggressively for an underdog (that’s you) against the Government.  There are questions that must be answered before bringing a Criminal Defense Attorney onto your team.  Will the Criminal Defense Attorney you think you are hiring, handle your case “hands on” or will you pay a lot of money only to have your case turned over to an associate or paralegal you know nothing about?  What exactly are you paying for? Advertising costs money. Will you be paying some firm for the advertising they will buy to acquire their next client?

          Shapiro Defense is a boutique criminal defense agency. Most clients come word-of-mouth. Shapiro Defense does very little advertising and never on radio or television. 

Mr. Shapiro does not farm out cases to associates, he handles each case himself.  Because of this “hands on” approach, Shapiro Defense accepts a limited number of clients each year.  When necessary, depending on complexity of a case and the crimes alleged, Shapiro will bring onto his team top investigators, legal assistance, and other top-notch, long-experienced, passionate and aggressive criminal attorneys.  If, as an accused, you want the full attention of your attorney, call Shapiro Defense for a free consultation and straight talk about your case, where you are headed and—if the Government wants to send you to prison— how to avoid ending up there. 

This is the Criminal Law, the decision you make in hiring a criminal defense attorney will be no less important than choosing a doctor or marriage partner.  If your case deserves the best criminal defense, call Shapiro Defense.